The Thesprotia Expedition

2004 - 2005





Geophysical survey

Trial excavations











A Regional, Interdisciplinary Survey Project

in Northwestern Greece

The preliminary results of the archaeological work conducted during the sixth season of the Thesprotia Expedition are as follows.

The geophysical survey

The geophysical survey was conducted on four sites found by us in the intensive field survey: PS 12 (Neolithic to Bronze Age site), PS 13 (possible monumental grave heroon of Early Hellenistic date), PS 14 (Late Roman farmstead) and PS 37 (Late Classical to Early Hellenistic farmstead). At PS 13 no clear picture of the shape of the heroon could be obtained, as the site is badly disturbed by recent ditches and fences. No clear surviving walls could be found at PS 14.

The results of the geophysical work at PS 37 were on the other hand very successful, revealing not only the shape of a farmstead, but also next to it a probable pottery kiln as well as two large pits for collecting water. At PS 12 large parts of the site turned out to be impossible to survey due to the magnetic disturbances created by modern beehives. However, in the small part that could be surveyed, we found what looks like the more or less straight continuation for at least 15 metres of the wall that we detected last year in our trial trench. As the wall follows the contour lines, it is most likely some kind of terrace wall.

Trial excavations